The world

marketplace has changed in the last 5 years

The crisis

has opened new export trading opportunities

Act now

sell your product abroad

The export market

International situation

  • Many companies fail in trying to enter a foreign market due to lack of language knowledge, cultural differences, expensive export travel and working with underperforming agents or distributors.
  • The world marketplace has changed in the last five years, as a result of the crisis. This has opened new export sales opportunities for many companies.
  • Do you want to know whether your product or service would be a success internationally? How you would need to position it, and with whom? These insights cannot be derived from statistics or the internet.
  • With the right partnership you can act more quickly and with less costs.
  • We will offer you a tailor-made export service solution.
  • Inform us of about your product and what you are looking for!

Our Solutions

Sell your product abroad 

  • Export Clients will provide you with a market scan, identify trade leads and potential clients!
  • Export Clients offers a team of sixteen experienced consultants, each covering a region. We started in 2001 in, successfully helping small companies in getting results in international business
  • You will get a personal account manager for your product
  • All consultants have at least 15 years of business to business trading experience across Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa
  • We have direct access to buyers, sellers, importers and exporters, marketing data and an updated database containing 276,354 international companies worldwide
  • We will provide a tailor-made service package
  • Eliminate costly errors
  • Specific training and coaching
  • Free listing in our international database, the European Trade Network
  • Inform us of about your product and what you are looking for !

Our Services

For your product

  • Export Clients works with agents and distributors in every continent and most countries. If you want to save budget and get results we want to get to know your company and products
  • Our specialists will search for suitable markets and partners for your products in their region. They can directly test the interest for your product with customers or distributors
  • We have developed a professional quick scan for our basic service plan. This will provide a first impression of the chances of your product or service
  • Our services are available in the following export sales packages :